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Savor the Southwest
 I produce a blog with two other remarkable women involved in the food of the Southwest. We discuss edible wild plants, foods that grow well here like citrus and olives, and flavors typical to the Southwest. Sometimes we'll highlight a new book by one of our colleagues. We take turns so there are three posts every month. The links will take you to the full blog.

Talking Tucson Food with Some Cowboys

From left, Alan Day, producer Stan Hustad and Russell True record an episode of "The Cowboy Up" podcast at White Stallion Ranch. The podcast explores aspects of cowboy culture and highlights authors and traditions.



Had fun discussing Tucson food and why Tucson was named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy with the great guys at the Cowboy Up! podcast. The local paper ran an article about their all-things-Western podcast.  Every week they interview somebody who has a great story to tell about life in the West.


You can read the article here and listen to the podcast with me here.