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Savor the Southwest
 I produce a blog with two other remarkable women involved in the food of the Southwest. We discuss edible wild plants, foods that grow well here like citrus and olives, and flavors typical to the Southwest. Sometimes we'll highlight a new book by one of our colleagues. We take turns so there are three posts every month. The links will take you to the full blog.

Top Pick: Southwest Books of the Year

Feel so honored by having my book named to this prestigious list. 

A Desert Feast
Celebrating Tucson's Culinary Heritagel
by Niethammer, Carolyn J.

Tucson is a food city, boasting, as Carolyn Niethammer writes, the best 23 square miles of Mexican food north of Mexico. It is also the first US venue designated as a City of Gastronomy by the United Nations. Why should that be? Niethammer explains: the honor grows from having a food tradition that extends back thousands of years, making use of hundreds of desert plants, and then adding on to it, like so many ingredients in a good bowl of cocido, elements from many other food traditions and cultures. We can eat food from just about every corner of the world here, and we've made it part of an almost inexhaustible culinary lexicon. You'll want to try Niethammer's carefully curated recipes--and develop a greener thumb by growing ingredients yourself and a broadened geography by visiting the growers and chefs she highlights. Every Southwestern city--every city, period--needs a book like hers, and it's Tucson's good fortune to have this. --Gregory McNamee.

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