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Savor the Southwest
 I produce a blog with two other remarkable women involved in the food of the Southwest. We discuss edible wild plants, foods that grow well here like citrus and olives, and flavors typical to the Southwest. Sometimes we'll highlight a new book by one of our colleagues. We take turns so there are three posts every month. The links will take you to the full blog.

Crispy Crackers with Barrel Cactus, Blue Corn, and Herbs

Delicious homemade blue corn crackers can be part of a snack tray with cheese, cold cuts and olives. 

This is an easy recipe and is a good way to showcase any seeds or herbs you have gathered in the wild. I used barrel cactus seeds. Blue corn gives a hearty flavor. If you have any Sonoran White Wheat flour you have can hoarding for something special, this is perfect. You can read the details for making the crackers here.


I have been spending most of the fall working on publicity for my new book A Desert Feast, Celebrating Tucson's Culinary Heritage. Tying on my apron and getting back in the kitchen to invent a new recipe was exciting and reminded me of how many times over the years I have done that. (NO, making dinner every night is way not the same thing!)

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