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Savor the Southwest
 I produce a blog with two other remarkable women involved in the food of the Southwest. We discuss edible wild plants, foods that grow well here like citrus and olives, and flavors typical to the Southwest. Sometimes we'll highlight a new book by one of our colleagues. We take turns so there are three posts every month. The links will take you to the full blog.

Make A Delicious Drink with Mesquite

Mesquite broth mixed with coffee and topped with whipped cream makes a perfect brunch drink.

Mesquite pods are a reliable food that has sustained Southwest desert populations for millenia. One of the reasons Tucson was named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy is that we still incorporate some of these foods into our modern diet. This week's blog post gives an easy recipe for making a delicious mesquite drink and some ideas for including mesquite into other easy recipes. People have said that the flavor of mesquite is sort of like a fruity brown sugar.


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