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Two women form a friendship on the Western frontier
Complete guide for the southwestern desert forager
Delicious recipes for prickly pear pads and fruits.
Women's Studies
Engaging story for middle readers on the life of Navajo activist Annie Dodge Wauneka
The life of Annie Dodge Wauneka, feisty Navajo leader and activist
A look at the lives of North American Indian women in traditional societies.
Old West meets New West in this guide to a legendary land
Learn how Indians used 50 edible wild plants
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Here's what reviewers have said about I'll Go and Do More:

"...a fascinating portrait, an accurate, intriguing biography of the feisty leader who helped redefine the Navajo people...I'll Go and Do More shows the author's deep love for the American Indians." - Arizona Daily Star

"Carolyn Niethammer's thoroughly researched and strongly written biography of the Navajo Nation's most remarkable woman ...brims with fascinating stories. Niethammer has crafted an admiring yet nuanced protrait of a strong-willed visionary woman." - Arizona Republic

"Wauneka's life is elegantly captured in this aptly titled narrative." - Choice

"...a must read for individuals who are interested in history, women's studies, American Indian studies, or an inspirational story."
- Multicultural Review

"(the author) is to be commended for producing an excellent biography of one of the most outstanding Native Americans of the Twentieth Century."
- The Indian Trader

"Carolyn Niethammer deoes a masterful job of relating Navajo history while simultaneously analyzing Wauneka's life. I'll Go and Do More is a very satisfying book." - New Mexico Historical Review

"Carolyn Niethammer has done an excellent job with this well-written biography. ...this is an important book and it will help give Annie the recognition she so richly deserves." - The Journal of Arizona History

"...Niethammer provides a vivid portrait of Wauneka, carefully documented but also analytical. (This biography) will stand for many years to come." - Journal of American Ethnic History

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I'll Go and Do More

I'll Go and Do More is the story of Annie Dodge Wauneka (1918-1997), one of the most well-known Navajos of all time, an indefatigable, passionate, and controversial woman who some have called "a one-woman Peace Corps for the Navajo." A daughter of the popular Navajo leader Chee Dodge, Wauneka spent most of her early years herding sheep and raising nine children. After her father's death, she entered politics and was often the only woman on the Navajo Tribal Council during the quarter century she served. When tuberculosis was ravaging the Navajos, she got the white doctors and the medicine men to cooperate to get the infected people into hospitals for treatment.

She conducted a weekly radio show in Navajo and drove thousands of miles across back roads to visit hospitals and remote hogans, then she flew to Washington to buttonhole members of Congress to make sure they understood the issues surrounding Indian health care.

The title comes from the fact that whenever Annie Wauneka was given an award - and she received many - she would end her thank you speech with something like, "Now don't think that because I received this honor I'm going to stop working. I'll say to myself tomorrow, I've got to get up and go and do more."

Peterson Zah, former Chairman and President of the Naajo Nation, has said, "I highly recommend reading I'll Go and Do More, especially for American Indian women who hve goals and aspirations of becoming a leader in their community. Dr. Annie Wauneka was a special and unique individual who lived ahead of her time."

University of Nebraska Press
272 pages; 12 photos; Bibliography, map and index
Softcover $16.95

Table of Contents

1. An Illustrious Father
2. The Family Sheepherder
3. The Agonies of Stock Reduction

4. A Battle against Tuberculosis
5. The Tuberculosis Campaign Intensifies
6. Alcoholism and Peyote
7. Awards and Acrimony
8. Overseeing Baby Contests and Student Protests
9. Cultural Clashes and Cultural Bridges
10. The Navajo-Hopi Conflict
11. More Washington Lobbying
12. The Final Term

13. Traveling Near and Far
14. A Life Assessed