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Two women form a friendship on the Western frontier
Complete guide for the southwestern desert forager
Delicious recipes for prickly pear pads and fruits.
Women's Studies
Engaging story for middle readers on the life of Navajo activist Annie Dodge Wauneka
The life of Annie Dodge Wauneka, feisty Navajo leader and activist
A look at the lives of North American Indian women in traditional societies.
Old West meets New West in this guide to a legendary land
Learn how Indians used 50 edible wild plants
Yuma Indian mother with her child on a cradleboard.


Here's what some reviewers have said about Daughters of the Earth:

"The emphasis is on the variation in kinds and degrees of freedom women had in traditional societies. Highly recommended for the general reader and for women's studies programs."

"...a chronology of the Native American woman's life, including birthrights and puberty ceremonies. An absorbing and illuminating legacy of dignity and purpose.
-Fort Laramie Historical Assn.

"Teachers can learn some truth about Amerindians by reading Carolyn Niethammer's fine book Daughters of the Earth. It includes a memorable account of how some Mohave Indians crucified one of their slave women.
- The Textbook League

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Daughters of the Earth, the Lives and Legends of Indian Women

The Native American woman was the guardian of the hearth and, on occasion, ruler and warrior, managing the affairs of her people, sporting war paint as well as necklaces and earrings. Sometimes she was a visionary and a healer, sometimes mother and matriarch. She built houses and ground corn, wove blankets and painted pottery, played field hockey and rode racehorses. Frequently she enjoyed an open and joyous sexuality before marriage.
The book surveys dozens of North American tribes to explore the chronology of the Native American woman's life from childhood through puberty, marriage, old age and death. The Native American woman emerges as a proud, sometimes stoic always human individual from whom those who came after can learn much.
The stories of these early women are enhanced with the fables, songs and incantations that were part of their cultural and spiritual lives.

Touchstone/​Simon and Schuster
280 pages; Illustrated; Bibliography and index
Paperbound 7x10 $17.00

Also available in German and French

Table of Contents

1. The Dawn of Life: Childbirth in Native America
2. The Indian Child: Growing and Learning in Early America
3. From Menarche to Menopause: A Time for Taboos
4. Sharing a Life: From Courtship through Widowhood
5. Making a Home: Women's Economic Role
6. Women of Power: Leaders, Doctors, and Witches
7. Women and War: Helpers, Fighters, Victors and Vanquished
8. Time for Fun: Crafts and Recreation
9. Early Sexual Patterns: A Normal Part of Nature
10. Religion and Spirituality: A Constant Reality
11. Completion of the Cycle: Old Women and Death

Annotated Bibliography